First and foremost, thanks for visiting our site. At Sonny’s we pride our selves on making good food for good people. We feel that cooking food for someone is a personal exchange, and at the end of the day it is all about expectation and preference. As a Philly suburb deli we have a certain way of doing things. Our site exists to help establish that expectation by showing you what we have to offer. As for preference, that’s your job as our customer to communicate and know before ordering. So before you go crazy with your Yelp reviews, make sure you understand that your preference is unique, and we love that, but unless you ask for something particular, you get it the way we make it. Click through the site and let’s see if we can hook you up.

Hot & cold Hoagies

From chicken Cutlet & Cheesesteaks to Home made roast beef and classic Italians!


Arancinis from Brooklyn and home made soup


Any food theme you want at home, or office, we cater and deliver

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